miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007


To my also I like as she dances shakira... and plus his songs. www.andreitav.blogspot.com

you have a very active routine life. www.jluzardor.blogspot.com

You have much creativity, mainly in your house of the dreams!. www.celiviloria.blogspot.com

hello, I like much his blog because she is very dinamico and creative. He is very pleasant never changes its form to explain!. www.doris3m.com


Good day to begin I learned of this level a good communication with the other people; Like greeting of formal and informal way a person, power to know its nationality; to give the hour, to know the alphabet.

martes, 17 de abril de 2007


He is Cristian Castro..have 33 years old..he's first language is spanish..he's nationality is Mexican..and he thing that the Mexican Food is the best..He es singer and have grey eyes and
black hair!

He is Jacobo Chavez..he is fine today..he have 20years old..H
e from Venezuela..and he thing that the best of Venezuela is the people.
.becasuse is very Nice..He is Tall..have black eyes and black hair..and its student..He first Language is spa
nish and he nationality is Venezuelan

It's nice to meet you

Mike: good morning….how are you?

Becky: hi mike! well thanks and you?

Mike: I’m very well becky…that you are going to do today?

Becky: I go to the cinema with friends… you want to go?

Mike: oh seems to me very well

Mike: Becky I present/display to my friend yoko

Yoko: hi Becky, nice to meet you

Becky: hello yoko, nice to meet you to.

Becky: then we will go all to the cinema?

Mike: clear that if, we will be there

Yoko: thanks for the invitation Becky… we see ourselves there

Becky: this good, a pleasure… good bye

Mike: bye bye Becky

Yoko: bye…

what are you doing?

In the image we see the doctor taking care of its patient, the girl is accompanies by her mother, the girl was feeling bad….but the doctor, with good attention and it deals profit to heal she.
After the girl was feel so good and very happy, and for this the mother is so happy, her daughter feel good.The doctor is happy for can help and spend time with the girl. She thing that the girl is very nice and so fun. She enjoy her work.

Know a little of my life!..

My name is Yenny Chahoud..I'm fine today..I'm from Mcbo-Veneuela..the language in my country is spanish..my natiionality is Venezuelan..I'm 18 years old..I'm short and thin..i have green eyes..and brown hair..I like the musik,my favorite singer is cristian castro..and I'm studing Administracion de empresas..

My friend and I

I'm yenny chahoud she is my best friend danelis montoya she is nice person, she studies with me in Santo tomas de aquino, but now she studies Ing. Petroquimica in unefa. She from venezuela, she like, night life she is 16 years old this picture was taken at house when i was celebrating my birthday.

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007

Welcome to my blog!

Hello, world!
This is my fial projed blog for my English class. Here you can read some of my word during the semester.

Here, I describe myself. my family and frinends. Talk abaut the weather, clothes and colors. Tell aout muy dream house and some popular jobs in my country.

Well, keep reading for me!

Yenny maR!!